I’ve just been doing some tidying around the site today.  You’ll notice a new button to take you to the books on the Apple iBookstore, which is rather nice.  I’ve sent you to the US store, because more people I know in the US than in the UK have iPad.  If you’d like the UK or any other country iBookstore buttons, just let me know.

I’ve also updated the bookstore links for the three ebooks as Lost City is now in all the non-Amazon stores.  That includes Kobo, Diesel, Barnes & Noble (for Nook users), Sony and Apple.  Indigo also has the books online but the purchase link takes you to the Kobo store.

Traveler in Black and White is scheduled for 26th November on Amazon worldwide, so I have removed the chapter from it from the Teasers section but replaced the chapter from Lost City, All Roads Lead to Rome, which is one of my favourites.  The latest draft of the cover for Traveler looks awesome, but you’ll have a wait a little longer to see it!

Housekeeping and change of Teasers
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