When I put together the paperback edition of The Traveler in Black and White I added a Cast of Characters, updated the picture of Castle Buckmore, and made about six or seven minor editing changes.

I remember changing ‘leave’ to ‘leaving’, adding or subtracting a few commas, replacing Spain with Iberia, since I used Iberia as a better country name in the Mariusz & Rajah short story.  On the whole I’ve tried not to use proper country names in the stories, or place names either, although a good map or atlas will identify where I mean!  For some inexplicable reason the second to last paragraph of the book had half a dozen double full stops in it. . Like that.  I have no idea why, but they are there no longer!

You can update your ecopy of Traveler by synching with your Amazon site (I think – check Kindle help if necessary) or if you got it from Smashwords you can update to the new edition if you go to the book page there and choose ‘download’.

If you are planning to buy it from one of the other online stores, it may take a few weeks to be applied, as the stores do their own checks once a new file is received.  Check the preview feature to ensure it is edition 1.3.  There was no 1.2 in the Smashwords version, but it was too confusing to have the same content in different edition numbers for Kindle and Smashwords.

Traveler ebooks updated
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