As promised, the new paperbacks are on their way.  Subject to some tweaking of the covers and Dani’s schedule, I’m aiming for May 15th.

I have already set up the new version of Book 1 – still needs the cover finalising, since I did a full circle last week of ‘oh no, the cover doesn’t come out in the colours I thought it would’ which I found so disappointing when I produced the Trilogy in a single volume.

I decided after I looked at the publishing software version of the colours that, no they weren’t the same… but they were great!  So Books 1, 2 and 3 have new covers, which you’ve already seen here in various stages of completion.  We’re still working on the new design for book 4 Traveler; books 5 and 6 will have the same covers with some minor tweaks.

Since the Trilogy and Traveler were already out in paperback two years ago, when I sold all the copies I took with me to a conference, I decided I’d better start with getting Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor out in paperback for the first time.  So, with Book 1 ready, I’ve switched onto editing those two latest books.  And with what I learnt about setting up these books with Book 1, like replacing all the smart (curly) quote marks before saving the file to rtf for the publishing software, I reckon it should go more quickly.  I am going through them all doing a minor edit as well.  Would you believe that after all this time I still found a missing ‘had’ in a past tense construction in the first book?!

So fingers crossed for 15th May – and if it looks like it’s going okay, I’ll do a giveaway of some new paperbacks during Children’s Book Week, (2-10 May).

New paperbacks – dates

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