Book 10 pre-draft

Princelings Revolution (book 10) is now listed on Smashwords. This is the final book of the series, so I thought I’d give it a long lead-in.

The target publication date is 1st October 2020.

That’s a long way off, but there is a huge amount to do before then. The first step is rewriting, which I’ve started, and immediately hit some problems to rework, both of continuity and plot.

After I’m happy with the story, there’ll be editing to get the phrasing and word usage right, and to improve it in general. Then editing to make sure it’s got all the right words and punctuation in the right places.

Then I’ll send it to my beta readers for their opinions and comments.

I’ll make corrections and improvements based on their feedback.

Then it’ll go to the editor. That will undoubtedly lead to more corrections and edits. And I probably need to be at this stage by early May.

So I’d better get going.

But if you want to see the listing on Smashwords, it’s here.

Watch out for a new thing Smashwords is now offering – pre-sales. These are different from pre-orders, it’s more like an advance copy. I’m not sure how different it will be from offering you an ARC direct, but we’ll see.

Princelings Revolution listing
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