Welcome to 2022

2022 is going to give me a lot of trouble. I typed that four times before I got the right number of 2s in the right order!

Happy New Year!

What’s in store for 2022

In the Princelings world, there are only a couple of incidents that are firmed up, and both appeared somewhere in the blogoverse in 2011. One made it into the paperback as a bonus chapter, and follows the trip Mariusz made to see Fred and the Realms as you read in my Christmas story. Actually, I suppose it shouldn’t be called the Realms any more, as they are not exactly kingdoms. But it’ll do.

I have two projects involving the Princelings on my list of things to do. Neither is listed as to do in 2022, but I may get started on them.

  • A set of short stories involving Roscoe and Neville, possibly as seafarers, we’ll see. I’m not sure I can come up with four or five 5000 word stories for them. They may or may not involve other Princelings characters. That’s how it starts: just ‘stories with Roscoe and Neville’.
  • The second is a very long-term project, maybe over ten years. A Princelings Encyclopedia, or some such title. Maybe I’ll start it off here and see how far I get with it.

I’m also awaiting the edited version of the Princelings and the Lost City audiobook.

Personal Appearances

The Craft & Gift Fairs I did last autumn may not have been a huge success, but they were successful in that I sold books and probably raised my author profile by several hundred percent. I think if I’m prepared to invest in advertising, I have to consider this as an effective way of putting my books in front of, maybe fewer people, but one who are more inclined to read them. I sold copies of books 1,2 3,4 and 7, and a couple of Messenger Misadventures, too.

So I’ve booked four venues in Hampshire and Wiltshire for the coming year:

  • Lymington (Masonic Hall) — leisure sailing port: March 26, June 25, and possibly August dates
  • Salisbury (Guildhall) — tourist destination: April 9, July 9, and possibly August and December
  • Romsey (Town Hall) — local to me: May 7, July 23 , and possibly October and December
  • Lyndhurst (Community Centre) — heart of the New Forest: June 4, August 20.

I’m also investigating other venues, including the summer shows (agricultural etc) and book fairs, if I can find them.

These are all subject to English Covid rules, of course. And they may (are likely to) change. And hopefully change back. I think people are willing to mask up and get out and about, but the venues have to be strict to keep their licences etc.

Zoom Events

If you are a teacher or librarian and would like a Zoom event for your pupils/members, please get in touch. So far I’ve only been on the receiving end of these.

Keep safe, have a productive year, and look after your well-being and that of your loved ones.