More Craft and Gift fairs in Southern England

I’m doing more craft and gift fairs during the rest of the year. You’ll remember from my January post that I’m doing the Mynt Image Craft and Gift Fairs in the Hampshire/Wiltshire area.

Here’s a selection of stalls during the first half of the year:

I tend to put my banners back to back, with the one for the ‘Meet the Author’ short story volumes and for White Water Landings facing the way people are walking around the room. I’ve sold a good number of Princelings books, mainly the first one, not surprisingly. White Water Landings goes extremely well in this area, as many people remember the Sunderland base at Calshot from after the war until the sixties. Many people tell me what their own fathers or grandfathers did in the war as a result of chatting about my father’s memoirs.

Book sales itinerary for autumn 2022

For the rest of the year I’ll be visiting as follows:

  • 20 August: Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • 26 August (Friday): Lymington (Masonic Hall)
  • 17 September: Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • 1 October: Romsey Town Hall
  • 5 November: Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • 19 November: Romsey Town Hall
  • 3 December: Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • I may get a late entry to Salisbury in December or late November, also.

All the fairs are free entry, and run from 10 am to 4 pm.

If you’re in the area, maybe visiting the New Forest, or the Isle of Wight, or Salisbury’s Cathedral (or Winchester’s for that matter), or even Stonehenge, why not divert to one of the events and meet me in person!

I’ll have all the Princelings books (and Messenger Misadventures) with me – unless I’ve sold out!

Talent Seekers country

This is all Talent Seekers country. Castle White Horse would be located among the chalk downs beyond Salisbury; Castle Forest is sort of in the New Forest, and Castle Deeping is roughly where the Queen Elizabeth Country Park is, north of Fareham (on the A3). But I took a great deal of liberty with the geography of this area–best to say it’s fictitious, but inspired by certain landforms!

Castle White Horse