Princelings Revolution

Jasmine’s birthday party ends in disaster. George seems to have lost a phial of highly dangerous liquid. And Fred, well, King Fred is battling politics, relatives and self-seeking dignitaries in his aim to give the people a better management system.

And above all this there is a promise he wants to keep.  A promise to an engaging chap he made when he was a mere stripling, when he persuaded that person to stop the Great Energy Drain.

What will happen if he fails?

Princelings Revolution is the final book of the Princelings of the East series. Join our mailing list for updates.

The Princelings of the East

Now available for pre-order!

Princelings Revolution is available at a very special price at iTunes, B&N, and Kobo. It’s also on pre-order at Amazon!


Facts about the book

First Published: expected 1st October 2020

Publisher: Princelings Publications

EReader formats: mobi for kindle, ePub for iPad, Nook & Kobo, pdf and all formats at smashwords

Language: English

Words/Pages (approx): 51,000/250

Age range/reading skill: confident reading skills needed for ages 10 and upwards


ISBN (Smashwords and other online stores): 9780463625187

ASIN (Amazon): B089MYF41Z


ISBN (all versions): 9781715505295

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