Princelings of the East Books 4-6: Box set 2 out Wednesday

Princelings box set 2 draft

The second ebook Box Set: Princelings of the East Books 4-6, is out on Wednesday 20th February.

Princelings box set 2 draft

A time tunnel from the future, a castle with paranormal powers, an assignment in foreign parts. Three separate adventures take us further into the world of Princelings Fred and George. We meet Lord Mariusz finding both opportunity and trouble when he steps back in time; Humphrey, the refugee from the Lost City, seeking somewhere he can call home, and Victor, the ambitious young barkeeper, setting out on his business career, with two, or is it three, assignments to unravel industrial espionage.

The Traveler in Black and White: this prequel to the series enables Lord Mariusz to set the record straight in his own laid-back style. Was he really a profiteering, hard-hearted, opportunistic charlatan? Or just a charming victim of circumstance. He’s certainly charming.

The Talent Seekers provide Humphrey with the opportunity to use his unnatural powers of hearing and memory. He emerges from the obscurity of gangs of refugees and outcasts, victimised by the evil Lord Colman, to become the hero of the hour. But surely, isn’t friendship what it’s all about?

Bravo Victor takes us further away from the Realms than we’ve ever been, showing that inventions and shady deals know no boundaries. Why has Princeling George not returned from the flying festival, and who is trying to smuggle a banned drink into the Realms? Sundance is tasked to find out, but it’s Victor’s expertise that he needs to solve his problems.

These three books in the series take us from the discovery of the time tunnel through to the complications of travellers crossing their time lines, all the while making progress towards an end product to deliver the promise the Princelings made in the very first book.

The ebook box set is available for Kindle at Smashwords only; also at iTunes for iPad, B&N for Nook, and Kobobooks for Kobo, and various other online retailers. Price is $8.99, which saves nearly $3 on the price of the three ebooks separately.

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Winner of The Talent Seekers

The winner of the Goodreads Giveaway for a copy of the Talent Seekers is… Katharine from Florida.  The book is on order from Book Depository for you.  I hope you enjoy it!

There’s no giveaway this month, although on my blog I’m running a rafflecopter all through April as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  Why not come by, read about world-building, and enter that?

May will see the second anniversary of Bravo Victor‘s original launch, and a Goodreads Giveaway for the paperback.

Goodreads Giveaway for The Talent Seekers

Talent Seekers

Our fifth Princelings series giveaway is of course, The Talent Seekers.

Humphrey is a refugee from the Lost City of Arbor.  He is travelling west, as his mother suggested.  The trouble is – he’s finding trouble wherever he goes; violent people from one castle trying to round up fugitives like himself; strange gangs with hidden minds that not even he can hear; lords plotting to overthrow their neighbours… but on a lighter note, we meet Willoughby the Narrator for the first time!

This is a tale of darker places than even Hugo found on his travels in the Realms, and one that gives an idea of the danger that lies ahead for our heroes – danger and the fight for freedom from tyranny and oppression.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Talent Seekers by Jemima Pett

The Talent Seekers

by Jemima Pett

Giveaway ends March 31, 2016.

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Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor paperbacks

The paperback versions of The Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor are nearly ready.  I’m just waiting to see them in my hand before releasing them to the world 🙂  I was trying to keep the price below £6 / $9 but it looks like they’ll have to go out at £6.25 or £6.50.

I’m now working on Lost City, after which I’ll be finalising the three trilogy paperbacks, which will have a slightly lower retail price (well, at least the first two will).  I’m just waiting for the new cover for Traveler, which has caused Dani and I much angst (well, me angst and Dani frustration, I expect) before setting that up too.  That’s the trouble when you love the original cover so much you don’t want to change it, yet taking the guinea pig off the front seems to be a good idea.

I’ll be releasing them all together, and I think they’ll be available in stores worldwide from late June, but you may have to order them by ISBN.  Watch here for links when they come out.