It’s the last opportunity to download The Talent Seekers ebook free of charge on Amazon worldwide.  This is the story of Humphrey, who left the Lost City of Arbor to make his way in the big wide world.  He discovers that his talents are indeed unusual, and what’s more highly sought after.  The folks at White Horse Castle are desperately in need of extra help to fight off their avaricious neighbour, Lord Colman.  Humphrey finds friends, and a purpose, but not without heartache.

Based on US Pacific time, it will be free from 0:00 to 23:59 from 7th to 8th August. So my friends in Australia, Japan and India should watch out for it running on well into the 9th (since it finishes at 8 am in the UK).

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Julie did:

“Humphrey is tested beyond anything he has ever known, unsure of who is friend or foe. Using every ounce of knowledge from his books, combined with his unique and special talents, he bands together with his unit. They must prevail against a force so evil, that it threatens the livelihood of the entire land of the Princelings.

I think this leans much more towards a Young Adult literary read, with its intricate plot, formidable cast and quite violent themes. Again I enjoyed Ms Pett’s style of a slow but intriguing pace, in The Talent Seekers.”

The Talent Seekers FREE 7-8 August
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