Jemima reads The Princelings of the East

We’ve finally done our first video. It is now on YouTube at

It  lasts ten minutes, and it shows Jemima at home reading part of Chapter 4 of the Princelings of the East, where Fred and Hugo have arrived at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness and Hugo has just gone to chat to Prince Lupin of Buckmore.

Other than George, most of the key people in the series are in this short clip – and we also hear about Wozna cola for the first time.  I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to give feedback, on technical as well as artistic issues.  It’s the first reading and the first video Jemima has ever done and uploaded, so all help is gratefully received.

Let’s see if this code thing works:

6 Replies to “Jemima reads The Princelings of the East”

  1. No, Steve–she has multiple accents! I heard the difference when Victor spoke.

    I do like the idea, though I always have trouble seeing and hearing myself (that doesn’t mean others will, though 🙂 )

  2. It does occur to me that most stuff I see says shorter videos are better–though I’m not sure if that applies the same to a reading (it might–I’ve seen people make the same comment about stunning scenic photo videos). It’s hard to do a meaningful reading in less than 10 minutes, though.

    I would have to go find a better place than my messy house to do any such thing!

    (And when I write, do you hear me with a British accent, the way I hear you with a west-coast US accent? Even when we know better, it’s hard not to!)

    1. I think you’re right – but finding something to read in five minutes that made any sense seemed hard – and I remembered JKR reading from the start of Order of the Phoenix, I think, and that must have been ten minutes. Not that there’s any comparison… But that’s why I’ve been upfront with the length.

      Believe me, you have to get so close to your webcam (it’s my laptop perched on a side table on top of the sofa seat!) that you can tuck yourself in a small corner in front of your books and get away with general untidiness!

      Yes, you speak perfect English to me… it’s always weird meeting someone for the first time and finding they have a funny voice 🙂

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