Bravo Victor – free Tuesday and Wednesday

Your June special offer is a free copy of Bravo Victor, the 6th book in the Princelings series.

Somebody is trying to push a banned drink in the Realms, and another person is smuggling it in and rebranding it as his own drink.  Victor is called upon to find out who, and stop them at all costs.  That’s how he’d tell the story, anyway – oh, and would he just find Prince Engineer George while he’s about it?

A tale of crossed paths and intrigue, Bravo Victor is suitable for 12 year olds and upwards.  A bit of business, a bit of adventure and a bit of mystery, all wrapped up in an enjoyable package!

Find it on Amazon FREE on June 10th midnight to June 11th midnight PST (make that 8 am Tuesday to 8 am Thursday London time).

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