It’s three years since I published The Princelings and the Pirates.  That was book 2 and I’m now working on book 7!  I know a few readers are rushing to keep up, and it’s all the more helpful since the first book went on free sale, as Pirates’ sales picked up beautifully in 2014.

The Princelings and the Pirates is where Fred meets Kira for the first time.  Kira is kidnapped from her home castle, Dimerie, and Fred rescues her from Castle Marsh.  How their love blossoms is part of the adventure in the Princelings and the Lost City.  It’s not really a romance, though – except I love the way Fred does that cool thing of pretending he doesn’t care when he has to sort out the mystery.  Yes, Fred, we read you – ok!

The rest of the series is really about the way life in the realms changes, partly due to the inventions George is involved with, but also other reasons, like commercial developments and power struggles.  Will they be able to meet the commitment Lupin, Fred, George and Victor were involved in making to Hugo, Lord Mariusz, at the end of Book 1?  Time will tell!

Pirates is three years old
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