You may not have realised, but I had plans for Dylan and Dougall, thinking of them as my Princelings of the North.  They have appeared in the BookElves Anthologies Volumes 1 and 2, of course, and Dylan’s book is available as a free short ebook from Smashwords (and only from Smashwords – see the link at the bottom of this page).

I had half a mind to release Dougall’s in the same way, although it is shorter, and will need chapter illustrations added.  I also sometimes think of writing some more of their adventures and then maybe putting them together in one larger volume.  There is another story, one that I wrote for an A to Z Challenge on my blog a few years back, which was X Marks the Spot.  In it, Dylan finds a map in a bottle washed up on the shore….  it didn’t get as far as finding who put the map in the bottle, but I know who that is, and I know why, and why he is where he is.  I have plans for this to emerge during one of the next two books, so that Dylan and Dougall sweep down from the North and cause mayhem in the quiet and pleasant Realms.

I’m still not sure which way to go with this one.  You may have already seen that I lost the real guinea pigs this winter, Dougall just before Christmas and Dylan in February.  It’s very lonely without them, even though the rest of my guinea pigs do a grand job of trying to make up for them.  As with the other boys, there seems to be a time when I can’t write about them once they’ve gone, and then another time when I have to write about them.  I’m lucky, I have their characters on paper (or ebook) for all time.

Anyway, for now I’m not far away from getting down to book 7 in the Princelings of the East series, and I expect I’ll find out when, where and whether Dylan and Dougall fit in it or not when I start writing.  But I thought you’d like to know.

What now for the Princelings of the North?
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