Giveaway winner and special offer for June

BravoVictor half sizeThe winner of the Goodreads Giveaway of Bravo Victor was John T, of Middlesbrough, UK.  The book will be in the post this week, John.


For June, we have a special offer on book 2 of the series, The Princelings and the Pirates. If you get it for your eReader (all types) from Smashwords, and use the code PZ78W before checking out, you will get it at 33% off – $1.99 instead of $2.99.  If you’ve already got the first in the series (it’s free from Smashwords, Kobo and iTunes, and Amazon are price-matching in most places), then this is a good time to get book 2 at a discount.  The reviewer on Smashwords was lukewarm, but it’s averaging 4.22 stars on Goodreads.