Writing more Princelings books

I’m at Camp NaNoWriMo at present, working on the last two books of the Princelings series.

Except that it seems to have become the last four books.

The plan was to write the Chronicles of Willoughby the Narrator, and outline Princelings Revolution.  But I have interviews with Fred and George, and also Willoughby, on my blog in July, and I realise that some stories that I’ve done in the past won’t be in either of these books.  I may revert to an earlier plan, and collect them together for the Chronicles of Marsh (or Castle Marsh), calling Willoughby’s book simply Willoughby the Narrator, which it’ll probably be called for short anyway.  But there is a big gap between where Willoughby will now end, and where Revolution should start… and the gap would be filled with another earlier thought, The Princelings of the North. You remember Dylan and Dougall, who had their own stories in the BookElves Anthologies?  Well, they also had a short story in 2013 when I did an A to Z of short stories. I expect them to play a part in the revolution, but a lot is scheduled to happen in 2016-17 in the Realms, well before the last book is scheduled to start.  So I think they’ll have an adventure of their own within the series, probably before Chronicles is released, and then I’ll finish with Princelings Revolution as planned.

I realised all this as I started Camp Nano.  The first thing I did, despite some prep work in June to bring the timeline up to date and review where I’d got to with Willoughby, was to open a new file called ‘A Short History of the Realms’.  That forms the basis of all the rest of the stories, and I decided the easiest way was for me to do a summary of the whole thing, then pull the books together from that.  Maybe the Short History will eventually come out as an extra 🙂

So, don’t forget to catch up on the later books if you don’t already have them – there’s a Smashwords promotion on through July – and watch for more news in August.