Chapter Illustrations for The Princelings of the North

Starting today, I move onto the chapter illustrations for The Princelings of the North, Dylan and Dougall’s tale in the Princelings of the East series (Book 8).  The Prologue shows the dastardly Lord Colman shipping Prince Kevin, the rightful heir of Castle Deeping, off to an isolated island.  Then Dylan finds a map inside a bottle washed up near his home, which is a story I wrote as far back as 2013, in the A to Z Challenge on Jemima’s blog.

The illustrations for the first two chapters re-use Castle Deeping from Talent Seekers and Castle Haunn from the free short book Dylan’s Yuletide Journey.  The rest will be new.  They’ll be published on my Pinterest site, just like the Willoughby the Narrator pictures.  You can see them all in the previous post here.

But to set you off, here is the abandoned Castle of Derisaig, where Kevin is holed up wondering if he’ll ever be rescued.

Kevin's castle
Derisaig Castle (c) J M Pett 2016