POTN Launch plans include a JustGiving appeal

The Princelings of the North is on schedule for its launch on 30th January 2018.

You probably know that Dylan and Dougall’s Princelings home is on the Isle of Mull.  I spent many happy holidays there. My drawings of D&D’s castle use pictures of the cliffs and rock formations of the area.  A few miles further south there’s an island, Ulva, accessible by ferry, where I went for walks each year.  I even did some bird surveys – on one special day I saw a peregrine, a buzzard, a golden eagle and a hen harrier in quick succession!

Castle HaunnBut the tiny Ulva community is in trouble.  The island is for sale, and rather than have some rich absentee landlord take control, they have worked with the North West Mull Community Woodland Company to get permission to put in a community buyout for the island.  Now they have until May 2018 to raise the cash.

This is where you come in.  I’m writing a new short story featuring Dylan and Dougall, and everybody who donates on my JustGiving page can claim a free copy, downloadable from Smashwords. It’s called Dylan and the Lights of Ulva.

To learn more about the appeal click the picture to go to my JustGiving page, which is also linked to the charity’s JustGiving page which expands on their objectives and targets.

ulva buyout - raise money to buy this island for the islanders


The new story is now ready.  If you donate on my page, your money will go direct to the Ulva buyout fund (not via me). In return you’ll receive a message with the code to claim your free ebook Dylan and the Lights of Ulva.

I’m also considering bundling this new story with the previous two D&D stories. Dylan’s Yuletide Journey is already available on Smashwords, as well as in the BookElves Anthology Volume 1, while Dougall’s Reindeer Adventure is only available in the BookElves Anthology Volume 2.  I think it would be nice to have the three of them together in one ebook.  Maybe there will be more, who knows?





3 Replies to “POTN Launch plans include a JustGiving appeal”

  1. Wow! There’s a rich enclave in SF where the people discovered that their street had been bought by someone, but to have your whole island be owned by an individual…that feels wrong to me! (Though I know that there is at least one Hawaiian island in the same state). Talk about a company town!

    1. I think there are only about ten or twenty people on the island now. It was a common thing from Middle Ages onwards (ref. The Clearances, the Jacobite Rebellion and the Reform Act), and while landowning families have been a beneficial force in many places, the time has come and gone. It’s obscene that some people have so much wealth they can buy up whole islands without any thought to the indigenous population. Although I suspect most of the community have only been there for a few generations. I’m in favour of community governance – we have it ourselves 🙂

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