The Princelings of the North (POTN) launch is just over ten weeks away, and the build-up starts now!

spiral of Princelings book coversWe have a series of promotions running on BookGoodies in the Bargain Books Under $3 area.  That means that all the Princelings books, including the box set, will be priced at $2.99 or less at some time during the run up to book 8’s launch, still scheduled for January 30th.

I’m also running Goodreads and Amazon advertising campaigns, although those don’t really ramp up till after the holiday period.

At present you can pre-order the Princelings of the North on iTunes, Kobo and B&N for Nook.  You will shortly be able to do so on Amazon.  You can get all the other books on all those retailers plus Smashwords, save for the Box set, which is at present not on Amazon, although I’m working on that.

Don’t forget that I’m running a fundraiser for the Ulva Buyout, so if you buy any Princelings book, I’d be grateful if you’d pop over to my fundraising page at JustGiving, and at least read about what the islanders are trying to achieve.  Thanks.  If you decide to donate, I’ll send you a link to a free new ebook novella starring Dylan & Dougall (the princelings of the north) called Dylan and the Lights of Ulva.

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Build-up to Princelings of the North launch starts today
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