Well, it’s definitely not spring cleaning yet!  It’s definitely ‘reeds crackling in the frozen marsh’ weather.

wozna bottles
5 – Work In Progress

I’ve been through all the page links to make sure none of them are pointing to places that don’t exist any more, although some links, e.g. to KBoards, might work only if you are logged in to them.  I’m afraid I’m not going back through all the posts (news items) to do the same.

But I have also been doing some updates to the extra content items on here.  I still haven’t got Fred to finish the map of the north of the realms.  It’s something that a King just hasn’t got time for.  I’m wondering if I can persuade Dougall to do it, as he seems to have a good eye for detail.

What I have done is picked out more excerpts for the ‘Teasers’ section.  There’s now between 1000 and 2500 words of one of more chapters as a teaser from each book after the first two for you.  Why I haven’t given you any from the first two I don’t know, but you can always go and read them in the Box Set no 1.

And yes, I am hoping to get Box set no 2 out early this year!  The cover is already done… Unless I change my mind about it again.

Princelings box set 2 draft

New Year Cleaning
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