The Princelings Notebook – an ideal gift

My paperback publisher, Blurb, has been offering the concept of notebooks for some time.  What better way of putting out some of my illustrations for people that might not see the books otherwise?

So I’ve taken the plunge.

I sorted through all the books and noted which illustrations I really wanted to feature.  Then I read all the books (something I wanted to do before continuing with writing books 9 & 10). I wouldn’t say they are ready for a ‘Zen of the Princelings’ offshoot yet, but there were plenty of phrases or paragraphs that could give inspiration—or just a giggle!

And after setting it all up and dropping everything after Willoughby’s book, because I just can’t put it all in and keep a reasonably priced notebook with space for your notes… I published it.  Here’s a preview (click the arrows top right to enlarge), with a link to the shopfront on Blurb.

I hope you enjoy it.

It would really make a great gift for the person who has everything else!