Chronicles v2 is with the editors!

It’s the same old story, really. Chronicles went to the editors, came back with a general comment about its structure, and I spent July rewriting it.

It seems to be a pattern, these days, rewriting the first half (well, third) of my books. I think with the first draft I was too complicated with my approach. Certainly one editor couldn’t work out what was going on at all.

So after a good long week or so of thinking, I got back into the swing of rewriting it, and editing it, and so on. My last edit this time was to read it through out loud. I think the guinea pigs quite enjoyed it, save for the occasional stops, mutterings, and typings before starting again with a different phrase.

Meanwhile, my lovely cover illustrator has been working away. Each time she sent me her ideas I gasped. They were all super, but I settled on this idea. This is not the finished version! But I thought you’d like to see it.

Book 9 draft cover; a dark flying boat in the foreground, and sailing ships in the background, with a castle we haven't seen before on the land to the right. All surrounded by blue cloudy swirls