Countdown to Chronicles Launch

The countdown is now on to the launch of Chronicles of Marsh.

We’re back on schedule for release on November 14th. Pre-order at  iTunes, KoboB&N, and Amazon. That’s now a universal link for the Amazon book.

The chapter illustrations are the only thing holding back the manuscript now. When those are finished, I’ll set up the ebook files on Kindle and Smashwords and let the distributors do their thing.

I’m quite pleased with some of the illustrations, although I’ve reverted to doing them on paper. Apart from anything else, it’s easier to rub out pencil underdrawings than erase lines on the iPad without erasing other lines I want. I could probably do with a ‘drawing on iPad’ workshop – I think the Apple store does one.

I’m still thinking about doing the drawings in colour. The ones I’ve tested look good, but bump up the file size considerably. Maybe I shall do the Amazon kindle file in black and white, and the Smashwords one in colour. Just a thought.

I also have another exciting project to do with the Princelings books on the go. But you’ll have to wait a little longer to discover what!

2 Replies to “Countdown to Chronicles Launch”

  1. I love the—Redshank? I can’t quite make out the name—inn. Looks cosy and welcoming :). I agree about drawing on paper, too. Maybe it’s just easiest to do it the way one is used to 🙂

    1. I used the new editor in WordPress and it doesn’t show the caption as a pop-up the way the old version does. But, since the last time I posted with it, it wouldn’t give me this multi-layout, it’s something they’re working on.

      Yes, it’s the Redshank inn. I decided not to re-use the picture in the middle of the Wash, as the style of these illustrations is slightly different from that (which was in the style of Traveler’s & Talent Seekers, with careful line shading…)

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