The Princelings of the East – 3rd ebook edition plus Audiobook

All the work for the audiobook of Princelings book 1 is complete and loaded onto ACX. I’m just waiting for technical approval, after which I’ll be able to give you some links and also some FREE COPY CODES.

Princelings of the East audiobook

Free Audiobook Codes

Obviously there are reasons for giving free codes: to get reviews! So please watch this space to get a code and be able to review in three parts: the story, the narration and the technical bit.

Third Edition

The third edition has had some minor tidying up and smoothing of some of the wording. This makes it in synch with the audiobook, which means that if you like to listen and read at the same time, you will be able to do so using Amazon’s Whispersynch technology.

The third edition will also be going to Apple Books (and Kobo, Nook and Smashwords), so if you prefer to read on your iPad, you can also get the audiobook to listen along.

The ebook remains free on Apple iTunes, Kobo, Nook and of course Smashwords.

You may be charged 99 c/p if it’s the first time you’ve bought it from Amazon, but if you already own it, you can get the upgrade via your kindle account.