Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor paperbacks

The paperback versions of The Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor are nearly ready.  I’m just waiting to see them in my hand before releasing them to the world 🙂  I was trying to keep the price below £6 / $9 but it looks like they’ll have to go out at £6.25 or £6.50.

I’m now working on Lost City, after which I’ll be finalising the three trilogy paperbacks, which will have a slightly lower retail price (well, at least the first two will).  I’m just waiting for the new cover for Traveler, which has caused Dani and I much angst (well, me angst and Dani frustration, I expect) before setting that up too.  That’s the trouble when you love the original cover so much you don’t want to change it, yet taking the guinea pig off the front seems to be a good idea.

I’ll be releasing them all together, and I think they’ll be available in stores worldwide from late June, but you may have to order them by ISBN.  Watch here for links when they come out.

Bravo Victor entered for Kindle Book Awards 2015

I read the start of Bravo Victor and think: compared to other books in the genre scifi/fantasy, this is very tame.  It needs someone to sit down and curl up with the book, savouring the development of the adventure.

Since the Kindle Book Awards judge the initial entries on their “Read Inside” content on Amazon (and I can’t extend that through to 18%), I suppose Bravo Victor doesn’t stand much chance of advancing to the top twenty in the field.  But hey, I think it’s good.  And so do lots of you, thankfully! So I’ve entered it anyway.

Semi-finalists will be announced July 1st.  Think positive, Jemima!

Traveler entered for Shelf book awards

Traveler - original cover

The Traveler in Black and White has been entered for the Shelf Media Group’s Independently Published Book Award 2014.  Five winners will be featured in the January edition of Shelf Unbound.  There is no need to enter it in any category, so that decision leaves it being judged for itself, I think, rather than being judged against others in its category – which I can never decide.

Entries close 1st October and we should hear the outcome in November.

Bravo Victor was not selected as a finalist in any of the competitions it was entered for, although I think it should have at least made the cut for illustrations.  Maybe I’m biased.

If you haven’t entered the September for Sequels Giveaway yet, you’ve got about 24 hours to do so.  You could win one of these sparkling ebooks!

Bravo Victor on all eReaders

If you’ve been waiting for Bravo Victor to come out for an eReader other than Kindle, your wait is OVER!

Bravo Victor is now live on Smashwords.com for all eReader formats, so if you want it for your Nook, or Kobo reader, or for your iPad, or just as a pdf for your phone or PC, you can buy it here.

Victor is trying to find a partner to develop his velocipede, but when a stranger walks into the inn of the Seventh Happiness and tries to sell him Wozna in disguise, Victor tells King Fred, and is sent on a mission to discover who is at the root of the smuggling ring, and find out why George has gone missing, too.

It’s a twisted tale of mischief, misrepresentation and missed opportunities, with the added complication of dealing with a person who really shouldn’t be here.

Get Bravo Victor from Smashwords or Amazon. Suitable for age 12 and upwards.