Princelings of the East Books 4-6: Box set 2 out Wednesday

Princelings box set 2 draft

The second ebook Box Set: Princelings of the East Books 4-6, is out on Wednesday 20th February.

Princelings box set 2 draft

A time tunnel from the future, a castle with paranormal powers, an assignment in foreign parts. Three separate adventures take us further into the world of Princelings Fred and George. We meet Lord Mariusz finding both opportunity and trouble when he steps back in time; Humphrey, the refugee from the Lost City, seeking somewhere he can call home, and Victor, the ambitious young barkeeper, setting out on his business career, with two, or is it three, assignments to unravel industrial espionage.

The Traveler in Black and White: this prequel to the series enables Lord Mariusz to set the record straight in his own laid-back style. Was he really a profiteering, hard-hearted, opportunistic charlatan? Or just a charming victim of circumstance. He’s certainly charming.

The Talent Seekers provide Humphrey with the opportunity to use his unnatural powers of hearing and memory. He emerges from the obscurity of gangs of refugees and outcasts, victimised by the evil Lord Colman, to become the hero of the hour. But surely, isn’t friendship what it’s all about?

Bravo Victor takes us further away from the Realms than we’ve ever been, showing that inventions and shady deals know no boundaries. Why has Princeling George not returned from the flying festival, and who is trying to smuggle a banned drink into the Realms? Sundance is tasked to find out, but it’s Victor’s expertise that he needs to solve his problems.

These three books in the series take us from the discovery of the time tunnel through to the complications of travellers crossing their time lines, all the while making progress towards an end product to deliver the promise the Princelings made in the very first book.

The ebook box set is available for Kindle at Smashwords only; also at iTunes for iPad, B&N for Nook, and Kobobooks for Kobo, and various other online retailers. Price is $8.99, which saves nearly $3 on the price of the three ebooks separately.

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New book proposals

Princelings box set 2 draft

A box set and a collection; those are the two proposals I have in mind at present.

Box Set 2: Books 4-6

The second ebook box set would combine the Traveler in Black and White, the Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor in one ebook volume. I played about with a cover layout similar to the first box set a little while ago when I didn’t have much to do and my brain wasn’t feeling up to writing. The cover needs more work.

It’s probably a weekend project: putting the three ebooks together, proofing them once more, adjusting the front and end matter, and publishing it. I make it sound so simple!

I don’t know that many people actually want the box set, but I think it does encourage people to catch up on a long series, and to keep reading it, if they can get several at once.  I’ve read several of Lindsay Buroker’s series in this manner, and I think I’d have done the same with M T McGuire’s K’Barthan series too.

Like the first box set, I’m planning to do it on Smashwords (and therefore Nook, iPad and Kobo) and available for Kindle, without publishing it on Amazon.  I suspect there will be a single volume for Amazon in the end, although I see they currently advertise ‘buy 8’ for the aggregate individual prices.

Dylan and Dougall’s Adventures

With the closure of the appeal for the Ulva Buyout very soon, I’m thinking about the irrepressible pair.

They have three adventures suitable for slightly younger readers (Father Christmas appears in one), and the idea was to make the reading level easier too.

After Princelings of the North they have done a lot of growing up, and Dylan has new responsibilities.  I don’t see more young reader adventures featuring them, unfortunately, so if I want any more, they’ll have to be back-story.

Maybe I’ll just put the three together as a collection.

Giveaway winner and special offer for June

BravoVictor half sizeThe winner of the Goodreads Giveaway of Bravo Victor was John T, of Middlesbrough, UK.  The book will be in the post this week, John.


For June, we have a special offer on book 2 of the series, The Princelings and the Pirates. If you get it for your eReader (all types) from Smashwords, and use the code PZ78W before checking out, you will get it at 33% off – $1.99 instead of $2.99.  If you’ve already got the first in the series (it’s free from Smashwords, Kobo and iTunes, and Amazon are price-matching in most places), then this is a good time to get book 2 at a discount.  The reviewer on Smashwords was lukewarm, but it’s averaging 4.22 stars on Goodreads.

Bravo Victor – Goodreads Giveaway for May

You may have seen on last week’s post that we have a new Giveaway for May. In Princelings of the East book 6, Bravo Victor, our handsome barkeeper and would-be management expert, Victor, is charged to go looking for George in the Rhinelands, and help foil a dastardly plot in the process.  It’s a great read for the budding inventor, business guru, smuggler or entrepreneur in your family!

One copy of the book is up for grabs in a Goodreads Giveaway, open to Goodreads members worldwide and open throughout May.  Closes 31st May, midnight Pacific Time.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Bravo Victor by Jemima Pett

Bravo Victor

by Jemima Pett

Giveaway ends May 31, 2016.
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at Goodreads.

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I’ve noticed some people adding a comma between the Bravo and the Victor. If you were saying “Well done, Victor,” that would be correct. You might even put an exclamation mark afterwards. Can you tell me why I might have decided not to add the comma?