Dylan’s Yuletide Journey 2

Castle Haunn

A seasonal story in three parts. Catch up on the first part here.
Chapter 2: Messages

Dougall shivered as they stood in the arena listening to the Laird of Haunn giving the traditional Solstice Speech of Renewal. Uncle Donal believed in using this occasion to ensure that everyone remembered their basic astronomy lessons, and had been known to point at someone and ask them to explain a finer point of planetary science. Haunn were hot on planetary science. There were lots of books on it in the library, and Donal received letters from people all the way from Castle Edin asking his advice and opinion on it.

Dougall became aware that everyone was looking at him. In silence. The smith’s daughters were trying not to giggle.

He looked at Uncle Hamish, who was looking mildly amused, but not unkindly so. He looked at Uncle Donal. Uncle Donal was waiting for a reply. Oh dear.