Cover Reveal! Chronicles of Marsh

As always (maybe) followers of the Princelings series get the first view of the cover of a new book.

So here it is… another wonderful illustration by Dani English

Chronicles of Marsh draft cover

The book is currently on schedule for release on November 14th. Pre-order at  iTunes , Kobo, and B&N right now. Amazon link now available.

If you’re in Eastbourne, England on the weekend of 28th September, you can meet Dani at the Wyntercon at the Eastbourne Sports Park 28-29 September.

Read more about the Chronicles of Marsh here.

Cover Reveal for the Princelings of the North


I’m still waiting on my edits for Book 7, Willoughby the Narrator, but since I’ve made a new badge for the site, I thought I’d better reveal the cover for The Princelings of the North, book 8 of the Princelings of the East series.

This is the story that finally brings Dylan and Dougall away from their beloved Castle Haunn, where they have appeared in stories for younger readers in the BookElves Anthologies.  Now they are gallivanting around the Realms with their own major story, firstly rescuing Kevin from exile, then helping to restore him to his birthright.  That’s the plan, anyway.  Since they meet up with a rebel called Locksley in the forests on the way, and then fall in with his brother named Ludo, you can bet things aren’t going to go well.  You may need to reread The Princelings and the Pirates to place that pair!

So… here goes… Ta-da!!!


Thanks as always to my marvellous illustrator, Danielle English, and thanks also to Rebecca Douglass for providing me with the perfect picture reference from her hiking gallery.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice this is based on one of my #Inktober sketches – Castle Vexstein from the north.

Vexstein from the north

And that is the heart of the trouble in this story, as it is in Willoughby the Narrator, due out now on April 27th.  Vexstein has been trouble from day one of book 1, really.  Or maybe day seven of book 1;)

I anticipate bringing The Princelings of the North out in the winter, but it may slip.

Progress Report

It’s been a quiet month on here, but it’s been a very busy one for me.  I’m getting ready for the launch of Bravo Victor, the A to Z Challenge, and some other events later on.

I’m pleased to tell you that my editor has returned the manuscript of Bravo Victor – covered in red lines and blue suggestions, but then, that’s what she’s good at!  Also I’ve had the first rough draft ideas from my cover designer, Danielle English, who is starting to get work from other authors, which is very nice!  We’re planning to reveal the cover to the world on April 2nd, so watch this space.

The other books are not being neglected.  The trilogy is being featured over three months from the beginning of April on Mother Daughter Book Reviews.  They are also prizes in a blog hop “Leap into Books” running Feb 28th to March 7th on  There will also be a giveaway during April on the blog.

Plans for Bravo Victor

The sixth book in the Princelings of the East series will be called Bravo Victor.  It stars Victor, the son of the innkeeper at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness, who has been in all the books except Talent Seekers. The only other characters that I think share that distinction are Prince Lupin, Baden and possibly Lord Smallweed, and none of them have ever had a chapter to themselves, let alone a whole book!

Bravo Victor is set a few years after the last story.  It is now 2015, and the realms are developing as a result of the introduction of the strawberry juice power plants.  Aviation is increasing, the carriages are now propelled by electricity, and a new communication system connects all the population centres.  Victor has his own modern project – a velocipede, an early form of bicycle – and he’s looking for a partner to work with.  While he’s doing that, he stumbles on odd information, and seeks advice from King Fred at Castle Marsh.  Fred has his own problems, since his brother George has not returned from a flying festival.  Victor joins Sundance, a secret agent, to help him with his investigation in the Rhinelands and at the same time search for George.  What he finds is a web of intrigue, involving numerous versions of a well-known soft drink, two people who profess to own it, and a flying machine that may or may not hold the key to the future. And Victor’s biggest headache comes from meeting an old friend… who is no older than he was when Victor was just a wee lad.

Although you can read Bravo Victor on its own, it does follow on from books 1 to 4, and includes some characters from book 5 in a minor way.  It’s intended for children of about 12 and up, especially if they are interested in technology and business!

So what are the plans at present?

My editor is well on the way towards completing the main edit, so I can start to set some dates out.  I hope my cover illustrator will be able to finish in time for the cover reveal on 2nd April, as part of my A to Z Challenge for the letter B!  I’ll be running a giveaway through April too, with the top prize being a complete set of Princelings of the East ebooks, including Bravo Victor.  The official launch will be in early May.

I expect to have advance review copies ready in late March for anyone who knows the stories to date and would like to read and post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon in time for the launch.  If you’re interested, complete the form below.

I may well be asking for your input on various issues on design and of course I’ll be revealing the chapter illustrations on here as usual.  Sign up to follow by email for all the latest news, hot off the press!

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