Pirates Ahoy! Review copies available!

princleings and the pirates audio

The Princelings and the Pirates is now out on Audiobook!

princleings and the pirates audio

Check out the following estores:

If you don’t have a preference, I will only comment that the price on iTunes looks very competitive!

Can you do a review?

If you’d like a review copy, please email me for a code via the contact page, letting me know whether you want a UK or US version. If you are elsewhere and can buy from Amazon/com, try the US code. This code uses a specific web address for download; you do not need to be an Audible member, or log in anywhere. All reviews are gratefully received.

Talking of reviews, I also have review copies (uncorrected, and at present unillustrated) for Princelings Revolution. If you could read and review it for October, please contact me as above.

Our first Box Set

Princelings Box Set 1

I’m bringing out the ebooks of the Princelings series in three box sets over a period of time, starting at the beginning with Books 1-3.  This will be released on 25th November 2016, and is available to pre-order at Apple iTunes, B&N for Nook, and Kobo now.  You will be able to get it for Kindle (and other formats) at Smashwords from the publication date.


Apple iTunes ** B&N for Nook ** Kobo


I know you’ve probably already got these books, but do tell your friends, and if you’d like to promote it in a post or tweet at anytime, just ask me for any other details (or an interview, or excerpt).

In case you’re wondering about the other two sets, one will be Books 4-6, available next year, and the third one Books 7-10, available some time after book 10 comes out, so maybe around 2021!

This weekend only! Princelings and the Pirates for 99c

This weekend only August 26th – 30th (Bank Holiday weekend in England and Wales) we have The Princelings and the Pirates on special offer for 99c/99p using this link.

Why?  Partly because it’s our Late Summer Bank Holiday, and you may have finished your holiday reading stack and need a super adventure to end the summer with.  Another reason is to celebrate a fantastic review from Judy S. who gives it FIVE STARS and says:

Palace intrigue, betrayal, kidnapped by pirates, young love, epic battle scenes, and injuries.

This is a tight, profound, well crafted, well edited (!) book with great character development. It’s not scary, but touches on real life situations in a matter-of-fact way without hysteria. Overall story arc is incredible.

I’m buzzing through this enjoyable series and lovin’ it.

Thank you so much, Judy!


Giveaway winner and special offer for June

BravoVictor half sizeThe winner of the Goodreads Giveaway of Bravo Victor was John T, of Middlesbrough, UK.  The book will be in the post this week, John.


For June, we have a special offer on book 2 of the series, The Princelings and the Pirates. If you get it for your eReader (all types) from Smashwords, and use the code PZ78W before checking out, you will get it at 33% off – $1.99 instead of $2.99.  If you’ve already got the first in the series (it’s free from Smashwords, Kobo and iTunes, and Amazon are price-matching in most places), then this is a good time to get book 2 at a discount.  The reviewer on Smashwords was lukewarm, but it’s averaging 4.22 stars on Goodreads.