Book sales and personal appearances for 2022

Talent Seekers

I’ll be setting out again for Craft and Gift fairs in Southern England at the end of the month.

Book sales itinerary for 2022

In the next six months I’ll be visiting as follows:

  • 26 March: Lymington Masonic Hall
  • 9 April: Salisbury Guildhall
  • 7 May: Romsey Town Hall
  • 4 June: Lyndhurst Community Centre
  • 25 June: Lymington Masonic Hall
  • 9 July: Salisbury Guildhall
  • 23 July: Romsey Town Hall
  • 20 August: Lyndhurst Community Centre

All the fairs are free entry, and run from 10 am to 4 pm.

If you’re in the area, maybe visiting the New Forest, or the Isle of Wight, or Salisbury’s Cathedral (or Winchester’s for that matter), or even Stonehenge, why not divert to one of the events and meet me in person!

I’ll have all the Princelings books (and Messenger Misadventures) with me – unless I’ve sold out!

Talent Seekers country

This is all Talent Seekers country. Castle White Horse would be located among the chalk downs beyond Salisbury; Castle Forest is sort of in the New Forest, and Castle Deeping is roughly where the Queen Elizabeth Country Park is, north of Fareham (on the A3). But I took a great deal of liberty with the geography of this area–best to say it’s fictitious, but inspired by certain landforms!

Castle White Horse

New book proposals

Princelings box set 2 draft

A box set and a collection; those are the two proposals I have in mind at present.

Box Set 2: Books 4-6

The second ebook box set would combine the Traveler in Black and White, the Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor in one ebook volume. I played about with a cover layout similar to the first box set a little while ago when I didn’t have much to do and my brain wasn’t feeling up to writing. The cover needs more work.

It’s probably a weekend project: putting the three ebooks together, proofing them once more, adjusting the front and end matter, and publishing it. I make it sound so simple!

I don’t know that many people actually want the box set, but I think it does encourage people to catch up on a long series, and to keep reading it, if they can get several at once.  I’ve read several of Lindsay Buroker’s series in this manner, and I think I’d have done the same with M T McGuire’s K’Barthan series too.

Like the first box set, I’m planning to do it on Smashwords (and therefore Nook, iPad and Kobo) and available for Kindle, without publishing it on Amazon.  I suspect there will be a single volume for Amazon in the end, although I see they currently advertise ‘buy 8’ for the aggregate individual prices.

Dylan and Dougall’s Adventures

With the closure of the appeal for the Ulva Buyout very soon, I’m thinking about the irrepressible pair.

They have three adventures suitable for slightly younger readers (Father Christmas appears in one), and the idea was to make the reading level easier too.

After Princelings of the North they have done a lot of growing up, and Dylan has new responsibilities.  I don’t see more young reader adventures featuring them, unfortunately, so if I want any more, they’ll have to be back-story.

Maybe I’ll just put the three together as a collection.

More about Goodreads Giveaways

The winner of the Goodreads Giveaway for The Traveler in Black and White was…..

Traci in Hugo, USA

How superbly appropriate that Hugo’s book has gone to Hugo, OK!!

This month, instead of continuing our romp through the POTE paperbacks, Jemima is launching her new series, scifi for grownups, The Perihelix.

So the plan is to offer The Talent Seekers in March and Bravo Victor in April.  That will take us to the second anniversary of Victor’s book release, so it seems to round off nicely.

If you can’t wait, you can always buy the books – see the links here.

Jemima is hoping to write most of Book 7 during April, but she might not finish it until July, since she wants to at least outline Book 8 as well.

Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor paperbacks

The paperback versions of The Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor are nearly ready.  I’m just waiting to see them in my hand before releasing them to the world 🙂  I was trying to keep the price below £6 / $9 but it looks like they’ll have to go out at £6.25 or £6.50.

I’m now working on Lost City, after which I’ll be finalising the three trilogy paperbacks, which will have a slightly lower retail price (well, at least the first two will).  I’m just waiting for the new cover for Traveler, which has caused Dani and I much angst (well, me angst and Dani frustration, I expect) before setting that up too.  That’s the trouble when you love the original cover so much you don’t want to change it, yet taking the guinea pig off the front seems to be a good idea.

I’ll be releasing them all together, and I think they’ll be available in stores worldwide from late June, but you may have to order them by ISBN.  Watch here for links when they come out.