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The Princelings of the East was originally a trilogy telling the adventures of our heroes Fred and George.  Two innocents abroad, they leave the security of their isolated castle and venture out into a world of castles, tunnels, pirates and lost cities.  They meet princes, innkeepers and travellers, become embroiled in shady business dealings, shipwrecks and totalitarian societies. 

The series expands into other parts of the country, known as the Realms, with some battles, murders, and romances along the way. All the time Fred is working to make life better for the people he becomes responsible for, and George is trying to keep a promise he and Fred made in the first book.

These are stories for capable readers of all ages; probably ten years and up will get most from them.

Jemima Pett published the first ebook in the Princelings trilogy, The Princelings of the East, in November 2011.  This was followed by The Princelings and the Pirates in February 2012.  The third book, The Princelings and the Lost City, was published in July 2012.

Then other characters demanded stories. They are all set in the same world as that of Fred and George, and stories overlap, or view bits of history from different perspectives.

The fourth book Mariusz’s chance to tell his own story (and put the record straight). It is a prequel to the Trilogy, The Traveler in Black and White, and was launched in November 2012. Next comes The Talent Seekers, which follows the Lost City and was published in May 2013.  The sixth in the series is Bravo Victor, set a few years later and published in 2014. Book 7 is Willoughby the Narrator, which came out in 2017, and explains how Willoughby came to be in The Talent Seekers – and then a whole lot more of his adventures. This is followed by book 8, The Princelings of the North (Dylan & Dougall’s book), in January 2018.

The Chronicles of Marsh, published in 2019, takes us back to Castle Marsh and Fred’s view of events since the Lost City. This is an episodic book which includes bits of the previous books from Fred’s perspective, and takes us through to the beginning of the end.

The last book in the series, Princelings Revolution, published on 1st October 2020. In a whirlwind of invention, family business and trouble, Fred finds himself fighting the Causists and George doggedly continues with the grand plan to deliver Vex to Lord Mariusz at Castle Hattan. Will both of them end up on the rocks?

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They are published as paperbacks and ebooks (link is to author page or the first in the series) by Princelings Publications in conjunction with distributors where appropriate:

for Kindle on Amazon and Smashwords

for Nook on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble

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and on Kobo and other ereading options on Smashwords.

You can also see them on Goodreads,,, the Independent Author Index and the Independent Author Network.

ebook box sets

The first six books are available as two ebook box sets.

Box Set 1: The Princelings of the East books 1-3

Box set 2: The Princelings of the East books 4-6


An audiobooks of The Princelings of the East and the Princelings and the Pirates are on Audible, iTunes and Amazon (links above). The last of the trilogy is also planned. Other audiobooks will depend on demand.


The books are available as paperbacks via the publishing house Blurb, and the distribution network, Ingram.  Although many online stores list them, physical bookstores may only get them in stock when you order them – so do order them!

Despite some stores saying ‘two to three months’ for delivery, the books are generally supplied in UK, US and Australia within a week or two, as they are printed locally on demand.


  • The Princelings of the East: 978-1-32-068500-9
    • Two youngsters leave Castle Marsh, get into time travel trouble and sort it out with help from lots of new friends.
  • The Princelings and the Pirates: 978-1-32-056735-0
    • Princelings George & Fred get pressganged by pirates, meet the kidnapped Princess Kira, and end up in hot water.
  • The Princelings and the Lost City: 978-1-32-056708-4
    • Kira acts strangely after visiting a deserted castle with Fred and George. Will the secret lead to heartbreak?
  • The Traveler in Black and White: 978-1-32-056693-3
    • Mariusz goes down a rabbit hole and back in time to set up a new outlet for his cola business. Deadly danger awaits.
  • The Talent Seekers: 978-1-32-056676-6
    • Humphrey gains self-respect and friendship as he moves from one group to another in a strife-torn world.
  • Bravo Victor: 978-1-32-069817-7
    • Victor is sent on a mission to stop someone importing a banned drink and to rescue Prince Engineer George.
  • Willoughby the Narrator: 978-1-36-612087-8
    • Willoughby survives by telling stories; his ninja training and freedom of movement make him the ideal spy.
  • The Princelings of the North: 978-1-38-910440-4
    • Princelings Dylan and Dougall of Castle Haunn rescue an exiled prince, and stir up trouble trying to get his castle back.
  • Chronicles of Marsh: 978-1-71-572540-2
    • King Fred sets out a history of the events of his reign, but is it comedy, politics, or tragedy?
  • Princelings Revolution: 978-1-71-547571-0
    • George’s plans for flying machines hit turbulence and Fred finds democracy is not all it’s cracked up to be

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