Audiobook snippets

I thought you might like to have some snippets from the audiobooks, now in production. I’m currently only planning to have the first three released.

My narrator is Christopher Preece, a Norfolk, UK resident who has done several audiobooks, including a number of classics. He also sings – rock, country, whatever, was how he put it when asked. You can find where he’s playing next on his Facebook page, or more about his projects here.

Then again, you can also go to this YouTube video and relive the fun!

And of course, you now want to know what he sounds like when reading the books!

The Princelings of the East

This was the audition he did when I was looking for my narrator… it’s from the first chapter of Princelings of the East, and it’s just over 4 minutes. [I’m working out a better way to do this…. I’m sure I should be able to embed it somehow]

The Princelings and the Pirates is now available as an audiobook, and Princelings and the Lost City is in production.

three princelings audiobook covers
The audiobooks are available at Audible, iTunes and Amazon