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Jemima and Fred

Once upon a time, Jemima wrote a story, carefully made into a booklet about two inches high by one across, entitled “The Little Stream”.  Many years later she found it in the box in which her mother kept her most precious possessions. Jemima realised she’d always been writing, but had never had a strong plot or set of characters, until her guinea pigs came along.  Fred, George, Victor and Hugo had personalities and stories that needed to be told.

So the years of training for and working in office jobs, writing newsletters and event reports in the evenings, of travelling round the country and wondering what it would be like to live in different places, of day dreaming of exciting adventures and reading books like they were going out of fashion finally came to a halt.  She started writing.  First came The Princelings of the East, which was always intended as a trilogy, with the second and third books titled before they had a plot!  Then another book was needed, which turned out to be Hugo’s back-story, since he hadn’t had enough exposure in the trilogy.  Then Victor wanted to be the star of his own book… and so it goes on.

After a suitable number of rejections from agents, most of which said things along the lines of  ‘difficult to place in today’s climate’, Jemima discovered the world of self-publishing for all types of eReaders, where books never go out of print, and aren’t taken off the bookshelves if they don’t sell thousands in the first month.  The Princelings stories are for children of all ages, accessible to all.  They aren’t ‘fashionable’ books, but hopefully you enjoy the stories. Feel free to lend them to your friends just like you would a paperback.  Enjoy them.  And if you could leave reviews on the websites where you got them originally, that would be fantastic.

Where to find Jemima on the web:

Jemima’s blog: http://jemimapett.com This is where you’ll find thoughts on writing, the books’ progress, news, ideas and discussions.

The Princelings series website (where you are now) is for details of the Princelings of the East stories, along with sneak previews and book news.

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Jemima’s other websites

Apart from the blog, where you can read all Jemima’s blogging policies including her Privacy Policy, there are also websites for her other book series.

Viridian System Series (science fiction not suitable for children)

White Water Landings (her father’s memoirs of life in the 1930s with flying boats)

Princelings Publications (publisher site)

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