The Talent Seekers

Humphrey is on the run.  He has no friends, no past, no purpose, and no future.  He’s just a guinea pig trying to find his way west in a world of dark forests, wild hills, strong castles, and assorted vagabonds and other things that might or might not begin with the letter V.

White Horse Castle has a proud past but an uncertain future.  The new king, Benson, is trying to hold his realm together against the avaricious intentions of his neighbour, Lord Colman of Castle Deeping. Fortunately, White Horse Castle has a secret.  It knows that there are special guinea pig people out there… people who need a purpose… people with skills and talents that could be put to good use. The trouble is, how to find them?

In the fifth book in the Princelings series, we find the young outcast from the Lost City of Arbor travelling west as his mother suggested.  He is rounded up amongst other exiles, but escapes, and finds himself among people that could be his friends, something he has never had before.  But they are under threat, and Humphrey’s adventures twist and turn as he is called to his destiny by an unknown force, one that calls to his special hearing skills.  He meets other talented individuals and learns to be a team, to work with others for the common good.

It’s a tale of greed, of fighting, of cruelty and of a darker place than the ones we’ve met so far in the Princelings world.  Heroes and heroines emerge from the unlikeliest of places to find laughter and friendship and a place where they belong.

The Talent Seekers is a fantasy adventure story with paranormal influences and some pitched battles. It is set in the months between the Prologue and the Epilogue of the Princelings and the Lost City, but with otherwise little connection to the previous stories in the series.  It’s suitable for readers aged 12 and upwards.

Ready for a taste?  You can sample the first few chapters by clicking on the Preview button above, or at AmazonUK or  complete with their illustrations. You can also read the first chapter on Smashwords Goodreads, or KBoards and see the illustrations for the chapters here.

The Talent Seekers

Facts about the book

First Published: May 2013 on Amazon; August 2013 on Smashwords;paperback May 2015 on Blurb

Publisher: Princelings Publications

Language: English 

Words/Pages (approx): 49,000 words;  168 pages (ebook), 250 pages (paperback)

Age range/reading skill: confident reading skills needed;  ages 12 and upwards


EReader formats: Kindle on Amazon, Nook on B&N, Kobo and all other formats on Smashwords

ASIN (Amazon): B00CWKBIN4

ISBN: 9781301482900


ISBN: 9781320566766


an early draft on this website and Jemima Pett’s blog referred to this book as The Way West


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