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Even if you are a Goodreads member, you may not have taken much notice of the ‘Ask the Author’ section.  I answered the standard questions that Goodreads sets some time ago (around summer 2013, by the look of it) but I’ve recently updated some, because of questions you’ve asked me.

The latest question came from Judy S – thank you, Judy!  I found it so interesting, that I thought you’d like to see it – and my answer.

I’m confused about the timeline or should say the “when” line. The time tunnel transported George twelve years into the future, but into an era that is similar to our modern times. It was only twelve years and I shrugged, thinking this is weird. It wasn’t until book 2 that I realized the series is set in medieval times. Is this correct? Or have I lost my marbles?

Hi Judy

You’re thinking of the world as the one we live in, rather than a parallel one.

The Realms (George’s land) are feudal, so yes, there are similarities with me
diaeval times, because the kings and their castles see no need to change things. Occasionally George (and others) rediscover inventions from the past, or invent them again out of their own skill. In fact George’s strawberry juice fuel cell does something clever, which is to help the Realms jump the steam-age completely.

Across the Great Western Ocean, their technology developed differently, but still relatively slowly, and they don’t seem to have discovered steam power either, although they use wave and tidal power to run trolleys (something Saku was involved with), even in the great city of Hattan on the east coast. Their society is very different though, and more 1920s in the gangster feel.

Ships that run between the continents are still sailing vessels, and there isn’t – yet – a great push for inter-continent trade. Telecommunications are in their infancy on both sides. And flying machines have been invented about a century later than Bleriot did in our world. (You’ll find those in book 3

So you could think of the series as something like steampunk without the steam. Fruitpunk, maybe.

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Progress on the new editions

It seems like I’ve been working on new paperback editions of the Princelings books for ages, but I put them aside for a while to work on other projects.  In January I asked Dani, my illustrator, to have another look at the covers for the first and fourth books.

POTE_NewDraft03We’ve pretty much got the idea right for Princelings of the East, I think; now to get the colour scheme right.  This is the greyscale draft.  We are going for a similar colour scheme overall, but Dani’s given me six backgrounds for the castle, which I’ve only managed to narrow down to three so far – a dark blue (very moody), sky blue (striking) and cream much like the current cover.  It’s the lightning that makes the difference – I’m trying to indicate an electrostatic discharge that the tunnel draws from the Princelings world to create the energy drain.

TravellerRoughdraft01For Traveler in Black and White, I’ve decided try a cover without a guinea pig on the front.  It really hurts to lose Mariusz in his Bogart fedora, but the mixed feedback over whether to abandon the explicit guinea pig characters and just leave them as they are tends to suggest a more neutral cover.  We’re working on a noir approach to the more gothic castle that he comes across in his travels.

These are works in progress, so any suggestions are welcome, as always.

The new editions will come out in paperback from Blurb, once I’ve finished my other hardback project with the company.  The aim is to make them available in physical bookshops and non-Amazon online stores.  I’ll also be doing some minor editing on them, bearing in mind my younger reader Becca’s comment “I like the long words, just not in such long sentences.”  As I’ve found with my flash fiction: I can always tighten the prose!