Princelings Yuletide Giveaway

As we enter the festive season, the Princelings are preparing to celebrate Yuletide with all their usual ceremonies – the Solstice renewal, a Narrathon, a feast, party games, and the beating of the bounds on Green Willow Day.

I thought you’d like to join in with a festive Giveaway.  The first prize is a delightful book that I won in a Giveaway last year – but it’s in excellent condition and only read once…

GP NativityA Guinea Pig Nativity is a small hardcover book with a proper Christian nativity story accompanied by carefully staged photographs of scenes accompanying each page – the actors are all guinea pigs. Cuteness overload!

A Guinea Pig Nativity

Second prize is an ecopy of the BookElves Anthology Volume 1, which includes a new edition of Dylan’s Yuletide Journey, first published as our Yuletide story two years ago.

BookElves Anthology Volume 1

Third  prize is the winner’s choice of a print of a chapter illustration from one of the books, signed by the author (me).  That’s totally unique to the Princelings!

Our blog narrathon kicks off in a few hours time with a new tale, narrated by none other than Willoughby the Narrator.  So remember to come back (or click the link near the bottom of this post) to see it.  They’ll be out each Monday until Christmas.

Good luck in the Giveaway – entries close on New Year’s Eve (Green Willow Day) and it’s open worldwide.

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  1. I will celebrate by having a big family dinner at Christmas! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. Will celebrate the holidays with friends and family. Thanks for the giveaway–the guinea pig book is indeed charming.

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