Meet Jemima Pett this autumn!

I’ll be taking part in several Craft and Gift Fairs in southern England this autumn and winter.

My main focus will be on the Romsey / Winchester area this year. If all goes well, then next year I’ll expand to other major towns in the Hampshire/Berkshire/Wiltshire area.


  • Saturday 18th September 2021: Romsey Town Hall, 10am – 4pm
Romsey Town Hall courtesy of Mynt Image Ltd


  • Saturday 4th December 2021, Romsey Town Hall (waitlisted)
  • awaiting Winchester dates post-Covid


If these events go well, watch for dates in Salisbury (Guildhall), Lyndhurst (Community Centre), Marlborough (Town Hall), and possibly Wokingham (Town Hall)

Books on Sale

Usually all my paperbacks and notebooks will be available.

  • 10 titles in the Princelings series
  • Messenger Misadventures (Dylan, Deirdre and Dougall collection)
  • The Princelings Notebook
  • 4/5 titles in the Flash Fiction Collection
  • Two titles in the Viridian System series (science fiction)
  • White Water Landings (my father’s memoir)
  • George’s Guinea Pig Notebook
  • BookElves Anthology Vol 2 (limited numbers)

Stock availability may vary according to location

Ebook vouchers are also available for many titles. You pay me, you get a voucher for a download with the code to make it free online.

Payment by cash or

Reserving books

If you know you’re coming to a specific market, I can reserve books for you to purchase until 3 p.m, or to pick up until 4 pm if you have prepaid. Use the ‘Contact me‘ form on my blog; I will email you.