The Princelings and the Lost City – video extract

Princelings and the Lost City

Another reading from Jemima!  This time it’s from Lost City, and there’s an introduction explaining why George is speaking strangely, and talking about the person who inspired me to include this in my book.  I’m also wearing my new reading glasses for the first time!

I hope you enjoy it! You can find this and other videos on my YouTube channel – click the link button top right of this page.

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The Princelings of the East

– Princelings Fred and George set out into unknown territory in their quest to solve the mystery of the great energy drain.  Click here for purchase page

The Princelings and the Pirates

– investigating a simple problem for Prince Lupin, Fred and George are captured by pirates.  Will they survive the shipwreck and rescue the princess held hostage in their castle?  Click here for purchase page

The Princelings and the Lost City

– kidnap, impersonation, and a totalitarian government all rear their ugly heads as Fred and George discover a strange castle lost in the forest.  Click here for purchase page.

Want more than a simple preview of the books?  Check our new YouTube channel for videos of Jemima reading from the first three books!


A reading from The Princelings and the Pirates

I had some spare time this morning after doing an editing session.  I’m still exploring the capabilities of the new computer I got in January, so having taken a photo of myself with the books the other day,  I saw it had video on it too, so….

… here is a video of me reading from Chapter 4 of the Princelings and the Pirates!

Jemima reads The Princelings of the East

We’ve finally done our first video. It is now on YouTube at

It  lasts ten minutes, and it shows Jemima at home reading part of Chapter 4 of the Princelings of the East, where Fred and Hugo have arrived at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness and Hugo has just gone to chat to Prince Lupin of Buckmore.

Other than George, most of the key people in the series are in this short clip – and we also hear about Wozna cola for the first time.  I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to give feedback, on technical as well as artistic issues.  It’s the first reading and the first video Jemima has ever done and uploaded, so all help is gratefully received.

Let’s see if this code thing works: