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Willoughby the Narrator


Willoughby the Narrator is the seventh in The Princelings of the East series. It is narrated by Willoughby, who first appeared in the Talent Seekers, as one of the ‘talents’ and mentor to Humphrey. As might be expected from a

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Review of The Princelings of the East

Princelings of the East, Book 1, is a suspense filled mystery, strong on character development, with a deliciously complex and engaging plot, that is sure to be enjoyed by older tweens and adults alike

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Review of Bravo Victor

When Victor sets out to modernise the Inn of the Seventh Happiness, his velocipede is stolen, and he meets a nefarious character who is importing something that tastes suspiciously like the highly prized, but banned, Wozna drink. Then a friend goes missing and it's up to Victor to find him. Redwall meets Wind in the Willows in this sixth installment of the Princelings adventures

M G King author of Fizz & Peppers at the Bottom of the World

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The Princelings of the East

  The first book in the trilogy introduces us to our guinea pig heroes, Princelings Fred and George.  Imagine them, if you will, scurrying around the castle using secret passages, carrying out scientific experiments that occasionally blow up in their

The Princelings and the Pirates

The second book in the trilogy shows our guinea pig heroes, Princelings Fred and George, enjoying life as Prince Lupin’s guests at Castle Buckmore.  Fred is absorbed in his wind-mapping experiments while George is working on the project that is

The Princelings and the Lost City

The final book in the trilogy starts with some strange goings-on in an unspecifed location in the Prologue, then moves to more familiar territory as  our guinea pig heroes, Princelings Fred and George, wait at Castle Buckmore for the arrival

The Traveler in Black and White

The fourth book in the series takes us back to Castle Hattan. Lord Mariusz, peeved by being cast as the villain in the first book, attempts to set the record straight.  He narrates, in his own Humphrey Bogart fashion, how

The Talent Seekers

Humphrey is on the run.  He has no friends, no past, no purpose, and no future.  He’s just a guinea pig trying to find his way west in a world of dark forests, wild hills, strong castles, and assorted vagabonds

Bravo Victor

Bravo Victor is the sixth in The Princelings of the East series, and stars Victor, keeper of the Inn of the Seventh Happiness, a much-loved character in four of the previous books. It’s now 2015.  Victor has grown up, but


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