The Princelings of the East

Two youngsters leave their Castle Marsh home, get into time travel trouble and sort it out with help from lots of new friends.

The first book in the trilogy that turned into a ten book series introduces us to our heroes, Princelings Fred and George.  Imagine them, scurrying around the castle using secret passages, carrying out scientific experiments that occasionally blow up in their faces. 


But their world is full of trouble. 

Energy draining to a halt ruins the King’s Birthday celebrations — enough to send the King at Castle Marsh into a rage.  Somebody destroys George’s latest machine; is their whole world falling apart?  Who better to solve the problem of this great energy drain than the Princelings themselves?

Leaving the security of their Castle is a big step into the unknown, and they soon meet up with strangers, some of whom are stranger than others.

Who to trust?

  • Prince Lupin, so suave and sophisticated, with so many hangers-on fawning at his feet
  • The businessman, Hugo, who seems so smooth and worldly, yet has an air of deceit about him
  • The young barkeeper, Victor, always bustling around and never bothering to string a sentence together when three words will do, unless for royalty

And that’s not Fred’s only problem, since he has irritatingly lost touch with George in the darkness of the strange tunnel that appeared from nowhere in the corner of their room.

Meanwhile, George arrives in what seems to be another world, full of hustle, bustle and shining towers.  Where, or when, is he?  How come these strangers know so much more about his reputation than he does himself?  And will he manage to escape being thrown into a dungeon or, worse, killed by an assassin?

All these questions and more are answered in the first book of the Princelings series.

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Facts about the book

  • First Published: 2011 on Amazon and Smashwords.  Revised 2013, 2020
  • Publisher: Princelings Publications
  • EReader formats: all
  • Language: English 
  • Words/Pages (approx): 35,600 words;  103 pages (ebook) 160 pages (paperback
  • Age range/reading skill: confident reading skills needed for ages 10 and upwards


ISBN (Smashwords and other online stores): 9781465859877

ASIN (Amazon): B006F3SME2


Published May 2015 via Blurb. ISBN (all versions): 9781320685009


Published January 2020 at Audible ACX, AmazonApple (iTunes).