The Princelings and the Pirates

Princelings George and Fred get pressganged by pirates, meet the kidnapped Princess Kira, and end up in hot water.

The second book shows Princelings Fred and George enjoying life as Prince Lupin’s guests at Castle Buckmore.  Fred is absorbed in his wind-mapping experiments while George is working on the project that is his destiny, as revealed at the end of the previous book.  Oblivious to the kidnap of a Princess at Chateau Dimerie, they are despatched there by Lupin to discover why the wine hasn’t been delivered and solve the case of the missing  messengers.

During their first night, an attack sees the boys seized and carried off onto the pirate ships.  Once more Fred and George are separated by fate, yet no more than a week passes before they are reunited; Fred is washed ashore not three miles from their home, Castle Marsh, after being shipwrecked, whilst George navigates their ship to a safe port in the storm, escaping in the dead of night only to realise he is on the edge of another part of the marsh.

Fred’s lucky escape turns out to be not so lucky. His home castle has turned into the pirate’s headquarters. He escapes, but realises the lovely female in his uncle’s rooms is not there by choice, so after meeting George and his companions he doubles back and rescues her. Where can they go for safety? How can they tackle the pirates and release all those who are held captive in Chateau Dimerie? One thing leads to another, since other agents are also operating, and they are drawn into the ferocious Battle of Dimerie, where Fred fights on the beaches, and George gets more than he bargained for.

The second book of the Princelings series finishes with the revelation that Princeling Fred is a direct heir to the throne. But after the pirate’s depradations, is it a place anyone would want to call home?

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Facts about the book

  • First Published: 2012 on Amazon and Smashwords; paperback May 2015 via Blurb
  • Publisher: Princelings Publications
  • Language: English 
  • Words/Pages (approx): 38,900 words;  111 pages (ebook), 180 pages (paperback)
  • Age range/reading skill: confident reading skills needed for ages 8 and upwards


EReader formats: all

ISBN (Smashwords and other online stores): 9781476056708

ASIN (Amazon): B0074AQU08


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