Having offered you The Talent Seekers on Fred & George’s birthday, I’m now offering you the chance to download the ebook free of charge on Amazon worldwide – this time in honour of my birthday!

Based on US Pacific time, it will be free from 0:00 to 23:59 from 27th to 28th June. So my friends in Australia, Japan and India should watch out for it running on well into the 29th (since it finishes at 8 am in the UK).

Check it out:


There’s an interview with me on Free Ebooks Daily, so check that out too.

By the way, on the page “news home” there’s a post with the Princelings and the Pirates cover showing, that has a coupon offering a 50% discount on that book.  It runs out on Sunday night at midnight New York time, so catch it while you can!

Have a great read and feel free to leave a review on your purchase site!

The Talent Seekers FREE 27-28 June
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