5star-shiny-webI submitted The Princelings and the Lost City for review at Readers Favorite earlier in the year.  I’m delighted to say it received a five star review!

This is what they said:

The Lost City, Book Three of The Princelings trilogy is a great read for those who love fantasy with young male protagonists. The plot is new, interesting, and will engage your mind in the story. A great work was created by the author with this trilogy. I enjoyed the well-developed characters and their many adventures.

Princess Kira, Fred, and his twin brother George, find a tablet. The tablet talks about a city. Now they want to find the lost city. Fred and Hunston, the prince, go out to find this lost city. When they come to it, they are astonished to see the similarities between the Lost City and Castle Buckmore. That is when the adventure really starts. George is trying to put together a flying machine and recovering from his injuries obtained in the adventures of the previous book. He stutters when he speaks, but his mind is still clear.

In this book, the twins have more mysteries to solve: a copy of Princess Kira has a very important secret mission. Fred is worried about his fiancée Kira, for she is throwing herself into Prince Hunston’s arms, and men aren’t allowed in Arbor.

In all, this is a very nice piece of writing. The trilogy has been completed without leaving any loose ends. I would have to say that this has been an overall enchanting trip into a fantasy realm. It is suitable for readers from pre-teens to adults alike. It is a clean and wholesome series and readers will be happy owning these books. Happy readings.

Clean and wholesome” I like that, especially as I was a little worried about Arbor’s dirtier deeds.  I like the review all round, of course! “A great work was created by the author with this trilogy.”  Aww shucks (blush).

If you’re looking for book reviews done to a professional standard, you can search for the genre you enjoy at Readers Favorite.  Follow this link to Lost City – or this to Princelings of the East – and leave comments if you like, then go searching!

5 Stars for the Princelings and the Lost City
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