Willoughby’s #Inktober sketches

I’m hoping this will work: Pinterest allows you to make ‘follow’ widgets showing what’s on your boards.  It should update with the new one each day, and you can scroll through them using the scrollbar on the right of the box.

I have worked out I’m only going to have half the number of illustrations needed to complete Willoughby the Narrator for Inktober.  The up side of this is: when I’ve finished Willoughby’s, I’ll be doing the ones for book 8, The Princelings of the North!

3 Replies to “Willoughby’s #Inktober sketches”

  1. I don’t do Pinterest, so I can’t see these a full scale, but they are looking good so far! I like the courtyard at Castle Buckmore.

    1. Do you get to see the board itself in your browser, but you can’t click on them? Well, it helps to keep a little mystery and whet your appetite for the book 😉

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