Happy Christmas, everybody.

yuletide at Castle Marsh
Castle Marsh at Yuletide

To celebrate, all my ebooks will be on sale at Smashwords between 25th December and 1st January.

Prices range from FREE to HALF PRICE.

That makes the first box set a terrific bargain!

Princelings Box Set 1Just nip over to the series page and select the ones you want!

Or for the Box Set you can click here.

Just BUY the book(s) of your choice, make sure the discount code is applied, check out and follow the link back to your download page.  Choose the mobi file for Kindle or ePub for iPad, Nook and Kobo.  And please feel free to leave a review once you’ve read it. Thanks.

And a new year publication is on the way – the second Box Set!

Christmas – New Year Book Sale at Smashwords
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