Spring 2020 – Princelings update

Is it really three months since my last bit of news? Apparently so.

It’s been a very busy period, and information has sometimes been hard to find, mainly from ACX/Audible about ‘live’ dates and locations.

So, this is what’s happened, in book order. It seems to make more sense than chronological.

The Princelings of the East (#1)

Princelings of the East audiobook

Princelings 1 is now available as an audiobook. It went on sale on Feb 19th, but that only became apparent in March! There is also an updated Kindle file available if you like to read along, or use Whispersynch. A file for iPad, Kobo & Nook will follow.

You can buy the audiobook at the following online retailers: Audible, Amazon, Apple (iTunes)

Princelings and the Pirates (#2)

Pirates is currently being developed as an audiobook. Chris Preece has narrated a dozen or more chapters, and I’ve reviewed the first ten in sequence. He’s doing a great job of it.

He’s had a bit of trouble settling on a pronunciation for the name Nerys, Kira’s sister. I wonder how important it is? I always pronounce it the same way as Nerys in Deep Space 9. I suppose it isn’t as common a name as it might have been when I was small.

As with the first book, I’ll be uploading a revised Kindle edition before the audiobook comes out.

Princelings and the Lost City (#3)

Dani has drafted a revised cover to fit the audiobook format, but I’ve yet to edit it for Chris to narrate. I hope we get started on this before the summer, though.

Princelings Revolution (#10)

Book 10 pre-draft

This is only a draft cover, but the good news is, I’m sending Dani the detailed brief this week.

I’ve now completed the beta version of the final book in the series, and it’s out for reading with several people.

I’ve already had feedback from Tori, who has not only made several useful comments, but she’s a whizz at finding typos, especially when I’ve typed the wrong word. Actually, it’s to do with accessibility software. I think my iPad, if not my Mac, has the capacity to read something to me. Maybe I should add that to the editing process.

Princelings Revolution is currently targeted for October 1st on Smashwords, but that’s a reference to a date in book 4. I expect it will be later, although I don’t want it to disappear in the Christmas rush.

It seems that many traditional publishers are postponing book launches till after the pandemic passes. That means there’ll be a huge rush of new books later in the year (hopefully this year). So I’ll keep my options open, as I have no wish to get caught in the Christmas market. Late January will be just as good.

Although the tenth anniversary of the publishing of the first book will be at the end of November next year. I must put a special celebration together for that.

eBooks on Sale

Smashwords has been running a sale since March, and I’ve had most of the Princelings books at special prices, including the Box Sets.

I think I’ll change them up a little for May. Check my Smashwords page here.

These offers are only available on Smashwords, but you can get them in mostly any format.

Keep safe, and keep reading!