The Messenger Misadventures has the subtitle ‘the Dylan, Deirdre and Dougall Collection’. So, apart from the introduction of Deirdre, fans of the Princelings of the North have seen most of these before.

Introducing Deirdre

Deidre was clearly needed to balance out the ‘boy bias’ in these stories. That crept in because I have only male guinea pigs. They are left behind for some reason, when people are adopting guinea pigs, and for obvious reasons I prefer a same sex group. So my instant characters are boys.

Deirdre is pure invention. The first thing I did was write her own story in the Castle Haunn world — Deirdre and the Mermaid. I couldn’t think of a title more whizzy than that, I’m afraid!

Then I rewrote the other three tales to include her in key elements. She’s not so obvious in Dylan’s Yuletide Journey, which remains the first in the collection, although it’s the least magical. I placed it second to give Deirdre a good introduction, and a reason for the boys to take up with her. Then she’s with the brothers most of the time in their other adventures, and takes the lead when she does some things better than them!

messenger misadventures

Buy the Book!

These stories have not been available individually on Amazon, so this book is new for Amazon fans. You can find it here.

It’s also on Apple Books, B&N for Nook, and Kobobooks, all available for pre-order at the equivalent of $2.99.

You can also get it on Smashwords in any format after the publication date on 8th April 2021.

It’s arranged as four chapter books, (4-6 chapters in each), totalling 30,000 words. Suitable for age range 8-12 (and possibly upwards for teens that like flying reindeer and mermaids).

Paperback to follow.

And now… The Messenger Misadventures
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