It’s two years since I published The Princelings and the Pirates.  That was book 2 and I’m now preparing book 6!  I know at least one reader is rushing to keep up.

The Princelings and the Pirates is where Fred meets Kira for the first time.  Kira is kidnapped from her home castle, Dimerie, and Fred rescues her from Castle Marsh.  How their love blossoms is part of the adventure in the Princelings and the Lost City – currently on special offer as you can read in this post.  That ends on Friday, Valentines Day, so hurry!  It’s not really a romance, though – except I love the way Fred does that cool thing of pretending he doesn’t care when he has to sort out the mystery.  Yes, Fred, we read you – ok!

The cover reveal for Bravo Victor is still on schedule for 2nd April.  If you’d like to reveal it on your blog, or take an ARC to review for May – just let me know.


Time flies
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