Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor paperbacks

The paperback versions of The Talent Seekers and Bravo Victor are nearly ready.  I’m just waiting to see them in my hand before releasing them to the world 🙂  I was trying to keep the price below £6 / $9 but it looks like they’ll have to go out at £6.25 or £6.50.

I’m now working on Lost City, after which I’ll be finalising the three trilogy paperbacks, which will have a slightly lower retail price (well, at least the first two will).  I’m just waiting for the new cover for Traveler, which has caused Dani and I much angst (well, me angst and Dani frustration, I expect) before setting that up too.  That’s the trouble when you love the original cover so much you don’t want to change it, yet taking the guinea pig off the front seems to be a good idea.

I’ll be releasing them all together, and I think they’ll be available in stores worldwide from late June, but you may have to order them by ISBN.  Watch here for links when they come out.

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    I only found out because I was so thrilled that the paperbacks had arrived within two days of ordering them I wanted to tell the world! Well done, Blurb, such an improvement on my previous paperback supplier. 😀

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