It’s been a quiet month on here, but it’s been a very busy one for me.  I’m getting ready for the launch of Bravo Victor, the A to Z Challenge, and some other events later on.

I’m pleased to tell you that my editor has returned the manuscript of Bravo Victor – covered in red lines and blue suggestions, but then, that’s what she’s good at!  Also I’ve had the first rough draft ideas from my cover designer, Danielle English, who is starting to get work from other authors, which is very nice!  We’re planning to reveal the cover to the world on April 2nd, so watch this space.

The other books are not being neglected.  The trilogy is being featured over three months from the beginning of April on Mother Daughter Book Reviews.  They are also prizes in a blog hop “Leap into Books” running Feb 28th to March 7th on  There will also be a giveaway during April on the blog.

Progress Report
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